The Art of Making Birthday Cards

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The Art of Making Birthday Cards Stress Free

The giving of birthday cards is a time-honored tradition that is holding strong in the digital age of the 21st century. It is a tradition, however, that can actually create a great deal of unnecessary stress. While giving a card is still an expected social nicety, we still often seem to forget about them until the last minute. This often means expending a great deal of time going to a store, choosing a card and standing in line waiting to pay for it. Not to mention that birthday cards can get rather pricey when purchased individually. Here are 4 tips to help make giving a birthday card a stress-free experience!

1. Stock up

Since the giving of birthday cards is a tradition that is not likely to go away any time soon, you can stock up on a variety of birthday cards so you’ll have one handy no matter the occasion. If you have children, you may want to stock up on several children’s cards, but even if you don’t, you may want to keep a few handy for nieces, nephews and the children of friends. Keep a few somewhat “generic” cards for casual acquaintances or people you don’t personally know well and a few “specialty” cards for close friends and family members. All in all, if you keep an assortment of about 10 cards handy, you should have something to cover every occasion.

2. Buy on sale

One advantage of keeping several Birthday Cards by Charity Greeting Cards on hand is that you can buy them when they are on sale. Greeting card stores regularly clear out their back stock of cards to make way for new ones. When you find them on sale, stock up!

3. Buy in bulk

In addition to buying birthday cards on sale, you can also save money by buying a box of assorted birthday cards, rather than purchasing them individually. By buying a box of cards, you can generally not only save a good bit of money but will also have an assortment to choose from for various types of birthdays.

4. Buy blank cards

If you really want to go all-purpose, you can buy blank greeting cards that can be used for any occasion, not just birthdays. Today, you can even buy cards that come with coordinating stickers that offer greetings like “happy birthday” or “congratulations,” which allow you to customize one card for a variety of different events.

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